North Jersey Chromatography Group

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Past Event:

Annual Virtual Symposium

Analytical Quality by Design

Held on

July 22-23, 2021, 1-4 PM (EST)


July 22 (Day 1)

Introduction to Analytical Quality by Design Principles

Amanda Guiraldelli USP

BP Supplementary Chapter: The Application of AQbD to

Pharmacopoeial Methods

Stephan Maddocks, BP

USP GC <1220> Analytical Procedure Lifecycle

Horacio Papa USP

Core Analytical Quality-by-Design Tools Supporting

Analytical Procedure Lifecycle Management

Workflow Stages 1-3

Richard Verseput S-Matrix


July 23 (Day 2)

HPLC Modeling as a Tool for Smooth Pharma Production

I. Molnar, Dry Lab

Efficient Method Development for Aspirin and Related

Substances Analysis Using a QbD Based Approach

Margaret Maziarz, Waters

USP Case Study: Stability-indicating UHPLC-UV Method Development Usng AQbD Principles

Amanda Guiraldelli USP

Strategies to Develop a Robust Analytical Method

Jinjian Zheng Merck